October 27th

It’s game time! IF THIS HOUSE WAS A DRESS (or an outfit), what would it look like? Get creative, anything goes!

As always, tomorrow I will show my favorite 8 outfits and you all will vote on the crowd favorite. The winner gets to select a prize of their choosing from the options shown on slide 10 tomorrow. But that’s not all! There will be 2 winners! Anyone who tags someone today that you think would like this game will be entered into a drawing to win a prize of your choosing tomorrow. I give away GOOD prizes ya’ll!

Game Rules:
1. CREATE an outfit that depicts this lovely home as a dress or outfit and DM it to me. To create the outfit, I use @shoplookio but Canva works too.
2. TOMORROW, I’ll show my top 8 outfits and you will vote for the big winner. The winner will receive a home decor item of their choosing from the options presented on slide 10 tomorrow.
3. Anyone who tags someone TODAY that you think would like this game will be entered into a drawing to win a prize.
4. Submissions not accepted after 7am 10/28/2021 Eastern Time.
5. Slides 9 and 10 are examples from the last round of this game.

If you’ve participated or won in a previous game, you are welcome to participate! Would love to see some newcomers too!

A little backstory…I used to be a wardrobe stylist for TV commercials. When that work dried up in 2008, I became a personal wardrobe stylist for men and women. Later, when I started doing interior design full-time, I immediately saw the connection between people’s homes and their personal style. Uncanny!

I decided it would be fun to post photos of a home tour and have this awesome community create a dress (or outfit) that resembles the house. It’s meant for entertainment purposes mostly, but surprising discoveries are made like realizing that in both our personal style and home design, we limit ourselves with rules and assumptions we’ve made about what works and what doesn’t, or we invest in trends because we think we should, or we just follow what other people are doing. This little game is an exercise in thinking more freely about design and style and also there’s prizes! 🎁💫

📷: @brantleyphoto / Build: @darling_built / Via @ruemagazine