November 3rd

I’ve been a little serious lately and the Libra girl in me likes balance so in honor of National Sandwich Day I’m sharing stupid sandwich jokes that I’m embarrassed to say made me laugh, but just a little.

What is the recipe for Honeymoon Sandwich? Lettuce alone without dressing.

What did bacon say to tomato? Lettuce get together.

Why did the tomato turn red? It saw the sandwich dressing!

Why don’t Americans eat snail sandwiches? Because they like “Fast Food”.

Why did bread break up with margarine? For a butter lover.

My decision to order a veggie sandwich was a missed steak.

What do you eat at the beach? A Sand-wich.

How did Burger King get Dairy Queen Pregnant? He forgot to wrap his whopper.  

Who casts spells at the beach? The Sand-witch.

Where do golfers go to eat? The sand-wedge shop.

What did the fisherman catch when he used peanut butter as bait? A jellyfish.

A sandwich walks into a bar. The barman says “Sorry we don’t serve food in here”

That’s all the jokes for today. But seriously, no joke, I would love to make my favorite hummus sandwich in this handsome kitchen. 🥪💛😎

Happy Wednesday, aka, the middle finger of the week!

📸: via @dwellmagazine / Architecture: @pavonettiarchitecture 💫💫💫