October 26th

My husband and I got takeout from PF Changs last night. I don’t typically eat at chain restaurants so that’s hard for me to admit. So yah…I’m a food snob. It’s the one awful thing about me. 😉 I plated our dinner and left the 3 plastic-wrapped fortune cookies in the kitchen. My husband said, Honey! Aren’t we gonna read the fortune cookies? I was like, I’m not gonna eat some cardboard-tasting, high-fructose-laden cookie! He was like, I’ll eat the cookies, but let’s read our fortunes!

We roshambo’d for who picked the first cookie and he won. His fortune said, “One who admires you greatly is hidden before your eyes.” I asked, who do you think might admire you that you’re not aware of and you can’t say me or your Mom? He thought it was an arrogant thing to admit and couldn’t think of anyone at first. I said, when someone admires you, it’s because you’ve touched their life or inspired them in some way. It’s not arrogance, it’s being of service to others. My husband, who never wants the light to shine on him, liked my interpretation of this. He named two people immediately, smiled at the thought of it, and finished his Kung Pao Chicken. It doesn’t void the fortune if you read it before you eat, right?

My fortune said, “An embarrassing moment will soon become a treasured memory.” That’s it? Tell me something I don’t know fortune teller! What do you think I’ve been doing here on the gram?

Since I got ripped off on my 1st fortune, he insisted the 3rd fortune belonged to me. He was still high on feeling admired by others. My 2nd fortune said, “Another door is waiting to be opened.” I realize this is just a paper fortune, from PF Changs no less, but these words hit me hard. I’ve completely abandoned my podcast because it got too hard and I think I suck at it.

The very message I deliver to anyone who will listen is to get out of your own way, face your fears head-on, and DO the thing. Message received, Mr. Chang, if that’s your real name. Also, my compliments on your egg drop soup.

I bet Neada, who lives in this wonderful home, had a fortune cookie that said, “you will live in the dreamiest of homes one day.” Via @houseonwillowhill 📸: @anice_hoachlander 💫🥠💛