October 29th

My poor little George, aka the cutest Frenchie there ever was, has a sizable wart-looking growth in the folds of his face. It’s red and gnarly and because he’s so rambunctious with toys, balls, and other shenanigans, he’s constantly ramming his face into things and making it bleed and it gets more red and gross-looking. I’d like to put George’s warty face chapter behind us sooner rather than later, but the vet said it might fall off on its own in a couple months. Fall off where? Somewhere in my house⁉️ She also offered to remove it for $900, but he’d have to go under general anesthesia and that is terrifying to me. Even though George thinks I’m just his ball bitch, I need that little guy around. 🥲

Just needed to share that. You might have been thinking I’d lead with announcing the winners of the latest round of IF THIS HOUSE WAS A DRESS…Nope. Dog warts. 😎

We have the big winners ya’ll!!! 💫💫💫

-The crowd favorite for best ensemble is #7 from yesterday’s post! @sophie_lou99 CONGRATULATIONS!! 🚀🤩💫🎁🏆 That green top! 💚
-The winner in the drawing for tagging a friend is @sushilegs 🏆💫
-The winner in the drawing for participating in the vote is @artandfractals 🏆💫

WINNERS: send me a DM and share what you want for your prize (slide 10 yesterday) and I’ll send it to you! 🎁‼️

I know I started this post out with warts and other unpleasantries so to make up for that, I’m showing you maybe the most unique, interesting, inviting, and rad home that I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing. Please enjoy. Photography: @prueruscoe / Via @dwellmagazine