October 30th

I’m new to your IG, and a really big fan. IG seems to understand this and rewards me with your posts at the top of my feed each morning. I am grateful. Here’s my question. I just bought this home and the previous owner did many things right when they remodeled, and a few things very wrong. This is only sort of wrong. The kitchen and living area are quite dark, even with all of the can lights; which I understand the linear pattern they chose, but it makes for a head scratcher when considering adding (lighting) to the ceiling. I don’t mind a bit of ambience, but feel the island needs some love in the form of a pendant, or pendants. I can’t figure if I should try and center just one, or make them twins. Any advice is warmly appreciated. —Sincerely, A Blonde from Texas

P.S. I’m not a fan of my bar stools in this space, but they’re all I have for now. I think I purchased a 40yr old money pit. 😫

Dear Blonde from Texas,
What I really should be doing is laundry. I haven’t even unpacked from my last trip over two weeks ago. But instead, I’m playing around with your kitchen! Thanks for the photo! Got a little show and tell for you! See slides 9 and 10. I think you can go either way with 1 oversized pendant or 2 smaller pendants. I went with 1 because I think your kitchen could benefit from a show-stopping statement piece. I added in navy blue bar stools, a bold piece of art, and a runner to bring in some color and a big plant in a black and natural basket for some much-needed greenery and also texture. A little something on your island counter would be a nice touch. You don’t have to source these exact items, but you get the idea…color, texture, and something eye-popping! I chose this home tour because it’s a mostly calm and neutral palette with pops of well-placed color, plants, and visually-interesting items. Maybe the creative folks around here have other suggestions because why not crowd source when you can? 🤷‍♀️ Congrats on your new home! ❤️DK

P.S. I’d leave the can lighting as is. It’s a pain to remove and you don’t really notice it.

Slides 1-8 by design & architect studio @laneylainc / Stunning photography by @joefletcherphoto 💫💫💫 / #dearkami